I'm Pamela, a designer based out of Kansas City and the founder of MELAIN. I have many years of professional experience in the apparel and fashion industry and a lifetime of experience designing and creating.

Some of my earliest memories include watching old movies, captivated by the timeless and sophisticated fashion of the 1940s-1960s. By age four, while others reached for toys, I was already reaching for a pencil, eager to get my ideas down on paper. There, crouched over a small breakfast table for hours on end, the pencils acted as mediums, connecting imagination to paper, and revealing the musings of my young mind. 

An entrepreneur from the start, I began my first business in my early teens, creating a homemade magazine full of styling advice and fashion trends that I carefully crafted and sold for $2.00 to my classmates on the bus. Retrieving the first subscription request from my mailbox was unforgettable, not because it contained money, but because it unearthed a sense of responsibility to define fashion for the world.

Called to continue on this journey, I went on to study Fashion Merchandising & Design, and later interned for a designer in Seattle. A businesswoman at heart, I have worn many hats and am skilled in design, wholesale, overseas and domestic manufacturing, marketing, and retail operations. 

The brand MELAIN was created out of my love for vintage clothing, and the desire to bring back quality and craftsmanship from an age where every individual garment was treated as a unique piece. I invite you to check out some of the past collections in the Archives.

One of my favorite aspects of the creative process is collaborating with like-minded individuals. Please contact me if you are interested in discussing a shared project or goal.


+MELAIN - The Brand

It's all about using the charms of vintage style and modernizing the silhouettes, with focus on natural waistlines and curves of a woman. You are beautiful. We want to flatter the beauty and curves that you have. We work on bringing back quality and craftsmanship from an age when every individual garment was treated as a unique piece.

We prefer the term STYLE versus FASHION. MELAIN does not follow trends. 
We believe that timelessness does still exist - but should have functionality and mobility for the woman of today. With that said, we LOVE great fabric, pops of colors, and textures and details.

+The Vision

We believe that the future of the fashion industry will look radically different than it does today. We aim to help build that future by pioneering on-demand manufacturing practices, maintaining a commitment to sustainability and female empowerment, and investing in the power of community and personal connection.